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The rise of e-commerce and the translocation from brick and mortar locations to virtual stores has forced retailers to reconsider the way they do business. Reaching out to customers, boosting brand engagement, and driving sales is the name of the game, but these are easier said than done.

New technologies are changing how retail businesses operate. To succeed, businesses must strategize ways to embrace automation and integrate it into their legacy systems in order to connect with customers, drive sales, and reduce operational costs.

Our team of experts can deliver a variety of scalable solutions designed to help your efforts tackle the challenges of today while preparing for tomorrow. From Xerox IT Services to Managed Print Services, Xerox Business Solutions Midwest is your local partner that will help you achieve your goals.

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Financial services are evolving at a rapid rate. Are you doing enough to keep up?

Of U.S. consumers cite speed and convenience as essential to the customer experience.

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Of customer interactions in the retail sector will be managed by AI in 2020.

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Of consumers engage with fewer than half of the loyalty programs they belong to.

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Organize and automate your retail organization

Xerox Business Solutions Midwest can help any brick and mortar or online retailer get organized and introduce powerful automations to help drive business and deliver in-depth analytics.

Drive down printing costs

Managed Print Services

Utilizing both customer support and best-in-class software you can optimize your printer network and get the most from your resources.

  • Control printing costs
  • Gain visibility of all printing devices
  • In-depth analytics to help further understand trends
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Keep your business connected and secure

Xerox IT Services

Our wide selection of network hardware and solutions will allow your business create secure and modernized infrastructure for your office.

  • Enhanced data security solutions
  • Wide catalog and flexible pricing for laptops, desktop, Chromebooks, firewalls, and more
  • Integrated cloud and mobile solutions
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Collaborate intelligently from anywhere

VoIP, Telecom, Voice and Video Collaboration

Enable your team and clients to collaborate intuitively anywhere, on any device from the browser to the boardroom or classroom.

  • VoIP hardware and solutions
  • Immersive room technology for remote video conferencing
  • Team collaboration tools and software
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Cloud connected - app driven

Xerox® ConnectKey® Copiers and Printers

Xerox® ConnectKey® copiers and printers deliver industry leading document and printing security while offering the ability to integrate devices with cloud and app services.

  • Secure printing and document scanning
  • Utilize popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint and more
  • Customizable user interface for ease of use
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Why Choose Xerox IT Support?

IT environments are time consuming, complex, often costly and can take your focus away from what's most important — your business. From desktop to data center, Xerox IT Services can manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure.

Our offerings range from technology procurement and managed IT services to cloud migrations and critical information security management. Simply put, we manage your technology so you can manage your business

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Xerox Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual tasks across business processes to do more in less time and with fewer resources.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are facing a lot of big changes. And in the day-to-day shuffle of managing operations and keeping up with the times, new challenges have intensified old pain points. Tight budgets. Hybrid workforces. And time-consuming manual tasks that keep business up and running, but not necessarily growing.
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